birthday flood!

happiest of birthdays to athenais, entelein, and dabhug. i hope you have wonderful days! and also geekjul yesterday!

nye 2009

was spent in bed, on my stomach, doped on flexeril and advil. thanks, massive back spasms, you're really swell! after feeing like passing out from pain, and then actually passing out thanks to the (wonderful, amazing, thank you pharmacology) drugs, my back is better. not 100%, but i am no longer crawling between rooms and copiously screaming "motherFUCKER" at the top of my lungs.

maybe i'll have a do-over next weekend.

in which WoW is pissing me off

they reset talents. AGAIN. JESUS.

Nov. 30th, 2008

things i don't understand, #14,385: why people bring their kids to vegas, and then yell at them when they're slow, or tired, or want to leave, or when they whine that they're bored whilst you sit at the slot machine.


i have been tagged by the ever-lovely saraastruc.

"Comment and I'll give you a letter. In your journal, list 10 of your favourite songs that begin with that letter."

she gave me b. this should be interesting. heh. much like sara, thank the lor-duh for itunes. in no particular order:

01.) be be your love: rachael yamagata - catchy song about impressive amounts of longing and not feeling worthy. i think everyone totally feels like that at one time or another.

02.) better be home soon: crowded house - once the relationship comes, the confusion sets in. probably one of my favorite songs ever. especially on a rainy night.

03.) baba o'riley - live cover by pearl jam - it's only teenage wasteland.

04.) between the bars: both the original by elliott smith and the cover by madeline peyroux - just a really beautiful and haunting song.

05.) beverly hills: weezer - geek outcast rock at its finest.

06.) birdhouse in your soul: they might be giants - classic. seeing it live makes me so happy.

07. ) black is the color: nina simone - i seem to be all about the longing. i love nina simone's voice.

08.) the blower's daughter: damien rice - i loved this song the first time i heard it.

09.) break your heart: barenaked ladies - probably my favorite song by the barenaked ladies. well, it's between this one and call and answer.

10.) a bushel and a peck: betty johnson - my father used to sing this song to me when i was a kid. it always makes me miss him and the few times we were actually close.

this was a lot harder than i thought it would be. i could actually do about 10-20 more. but i'll stick with this for now. if you'd like to do this, comment and i'll give you a letter too.

Jun. 22nd, 2006

does anyone have a super nintendo that they want to get rid of cheap? i'm having a super metroid jones and the snes and rom just aren't doing it for some reason...

although i never did try it on the spiffy monitor j got me for my birthday last year.

which reminds me, i'll be 31 in 13 weeks or so. oof.

Jun. 15th, 2006

i just watched anthony bourdain suck down a still-beating cobra heart. apparently, it kept beating on its way down.


* he also just drank the cobra blood and ate the rest of the snake as well. eek!

May. 21st, 2006

i am currently watching the sugar championships on food tv. one of the contestants is from san francisco, and was talking about how he was going to do his sugar sculpture based on the zoo.

and i quote: "i've never blown a giraffe before" and something about how this should be fun.

food tv is a lot more kinky than i thought.

oh my fugging lord.

re: house

dear d.b. sweeney:

oh, honey. you used to be hot. now i want to shave your head and buy you a trainer.

please make me believe again. please.

toooooooooe piiiiiiiiick,

- koroshiya


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